Genetic Health Testing

“Genetic health testing. The modern disease prevention techniques for a healthy Cane Corso breeding program”…“health tested” …Right? While we hear a few “hobby breeders” preach this over and over on the internet, what are some actual facts on the subject?

Here are some facts about genetic dna health testing.

1. The health of the modern Corso is getting worse not better as compared to the older examples of the breed. This is according to Dr. Paolo Breber whom is the biologist responsible for the revival of the Cane Corso breed (1970’s). Saving the breed from extinction, he’s considered the world’s leading authority on the breed.

2. While I’m aware that genetic testing for disease control is the “go to” method for some novice breeders that you find on Facebook etc. It’s simply not accurate and remains unreliable at this point in time. I’m not saying that in the future it might not be of great use but at this point in time it simply is not. Some breeders are using it because they are led to believe by certain testing companies that it’s accurate and is the best option. But experts in the field that develop the testing will say otherwise. They warn to beware of testing companies looking to make a quick buck. As always DON’T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Here is a link on the subject from the AKC. It contains information from Geneticist Dr. Elinor Karlsson. Whom is an expert in the field.

What Can Dog DNA Tests Tell You About Your Dog’s Health?

It never ceases to amaze me how some breeders are so quick to bash others when they don’t fully understand the subject matter they’re talking about.

At Outlaw we will continue to use genetic manipulation via the selective breeding process to control unwanted genes (disease) in our line. Thus far this has been the most time tested and proven method that we’re aware of.  It’s what’s been used with great success by many breeders of every breed throughout the centuries. This is not only our view point but it is shared by many other professionals in the field. In a recent interview the world’s leading authority on the Cane Corso Dr. Paolo Breber (biologist) was asked his opinion on this subject  (Click here to view his response). Dr. Paolo Breber interview question #2.




What exactly is health testing?  Health test include any number of medical procedures that help determine the health of a dog.  There are literally hundreds of types of health tests.   X-rays, blood work, ultrasounds, fecal exams are all types of health test.  Health testing generally falls under 3 different categories which are causative, preventative and diagnostic. While we are firm believers in health testing as all of our puppies come fully vetted with a health guarantee. We do not currently do any genetic DNA health testing for the reasons given in this article.

Sadly there are breeders out there whom spread misinformation about this subject. They lead people to believe that if a breeder isn’t using the genetic dna health testing then they aren’t health testing at all when nothing could be further from the truth.

This is an opportune time to talk about another subject and that is “ Slander”.

At OCC we do have strong view points on what is correct regarding many aspects of the Cane Corso. We do our best to make logical arguments that are factually backed and then present that information for you to judge for yourself.

What you will never find us doing is going to any social media platform and “bashing” any other specific kennel or breeder. Even if we strongly disagree with them.

Why don’t we spend our time doing this? Simply because it’s unprofessional and recognized by professional breeders as such.

Slander is considered the very lowest form of self promotion. It is when one breeder spreads fear about another breeders dogs in order to make their dogs more desirable. This is one of the oldest techniques used by “bottom feeder” breeders because their dogs and breeding programs are unable to stand on their on merit. Sadly because of today’s modern internet this technique is currently used on a wide spread basis. Just go to most any Cane Corso breeders page and you quickly find many bottom feeder breeders cleverly using this technique.