Welcome to Outlaw Cane Corso where the home of the Original Outlaw Bloodline was developed for the good of the breed and the benefit of every home that resides a Traditional Outlaw Cane Corso. We breed for traditional values found in the ancient dog breed of the Cane Corso. Our strive is to improve and preserve the true nature of the Traditional Cane Corso without ceasing. We are happy to be doing the work for this breed and for each of you who teams with us in preserving the legendary attributes of this legendary soldier.

Throughout the past couple thousand years the Cane Corso was first bred and developed by the Roman empire, and survived throughout the country of Italy thereafter. The fearless and capable nature of the ancient Cane Corso allowed it to fulfill every possible job through the hillsides, farmlands and cities across Italy.

We have been blessed by Dr. Paolo Breber, confirming our hard work through direct correspondence with Mike about the Outlaw Bloodline. You will find us giving thanks to Dr. Paolo Breber all across this website because of his expertise surrounding the Cane Corso and his dedication to reemerge the breed from near extinction. We at Outlaw hold Dr. Breber as the foremost expert on the Traditional Cane Coso. He has a book that is now translated into English that tells the tail of the breeding’s and selection process he went through to bring this ancient breed from the precipice of history along with other anecdotal stories.

You’ll find lots of information and articles here on our website. All are geared toward the legendary Cane Corso and helping you to make an informed decision. The internet is so full of misinformation on the CC. There are many self proclaimed experts out there. Please consider the source when considering something as fact.

The Cane Corso is a strong and loyal companion. They tend to be very intelligent and trainable. Enjoy the articles and please, always reach out if you develop any questions of which you can not find answers.