Warning…Not all modern Cane Corsos will protect your home and family.




Outlaw’s Superman “Hero”



True Tested Guardian Cane Corso




Welcome to OUTLAW KENNEL.  We are a Cane Corso breeder.  We are located in the Heflin area of Louisiana (close to  Texas and Arkansas state lines) . Our popularity is due to the fact that we only breed for the Traditional Guardian Cane Corso type. We get inquires about our Cane Corso puppies for sale from all over the world and have shipped dogs from Coast to Coast.  While there are some wonderful past time events like conformation shows, dock jumping events and lure coursing competitions,  we choose to concentrate all of our breeding efforts into the preservation and enhancement of the breed characteristics that gave the Cane Corso its LEGENDARY status as a guardian. These temperament traits include things like courage, loyalty, intelligence and stability.  We accomplish this by using one the most extensive Guardian Cane Corso specific temperament testing protocols in the United States. When combined with some of the more advanced line breeding techniques it produces a dog of the true traditional type and beauty.    Enjoy your stay with us!  True Traditional Cane Corso puppies for sale in the United States. 

What exactly is a Traditional Cane Corso and what is the Outlaw bloodline?

When I use the term “Traditional” I’m referring to what the Cane Corso was originally bred for and the temperament traits that were expected of it and deemed  to be the standard. During the 1980’s The Cane Corso breed was near extinction and had to be reconstructed. It was determined at the time of reconstruction by the S.A.C.C. that the Cane Corso above all else should always remain a dog that displayed great courage, fearlessness, high intelligence level and show a great since of loyalty. So a Traditional Cane Corso is one that has been selectively bred for those specific traits above all else.
What is a Bloodline? A Bloodline is established when a breeder has selectively bred a specific group of dogs within a breed for at least 3 generations. A Bloodline is not established simply because a dog comes from a certain Kennel. If a breeder ever wishes to establish a bloodline they must use the selective breeding process. Which is the exact breeding process used by the S.A.C.C. during the reconstruction of this breed.
So when you hear that the Outlaw Bloodline is an established line of the Traditional Cane Corso. It means that I specifically look for the temperament traits that were determined to be of the upmost importance by the S.A.C.C (the ones that made the Cane Corso a legend) and then I use the same breeding process to reproduce those traits in future litters.
Our goal has always been to produce the best Traditional Cane Corso anywhere.




Outlaw Cane Corso stops potential invasion of Law Enforcement Officers home while protecting her family.

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What am I,

⁃ I was bred at a Kennel that uses Traditional yet Scientifically proven breeding methods.

⁃ I was tested as a Natural guardian specifically for temperament traits such as Courage under pressure , a strong sense of Responsibility , Loyalty to my family , Alertness and a high Intellengence level.

⁃ I am a Natural Guardian, considered by many to be one of the best on the planet.  I can give you peace of mind while I watch over your family on those long dark nights.

⁃ The traits that are in me are the ones that made my breed famous and they will be the ones that are passed to my offspring, keeping my breed true.

⁃ I have not been watered down in any way by any other breeds.

⁃ I am not any type of titled show ring dog because that is not what my breed was intended to be. Yet my regalness, strength and beauty standout wherever I go.

You can see the difference in my eyes!

Outlaw Kennel

“The Outlaw Difference”










Breeder and proud owner of Outlaw’s Perfect Storm “Roman” ICCF & A.K.C. Temperament Tested.  Roman is a  XL. Cane Corso @ approx 140++ lbs.. He is a very deep colored Solid Steel Blue Male with a Huge Head and Chest combined with great lines! Roman’s OUTSTANDING TEMPERAMENT  make this dog what a Cane Corso is supposed to be!


Ancient Dog of War , Modern Protector , Loyal Companion.  We hold ourselves to a very different standard.  We only use traditional methods, from our old school “Traditional “ bloodline to our traditional breeding methods and temperament testing. We feel this is the only way to produce True Traditional Guardian Cane Corso.


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