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We are one of very few Cane Corso breeders in the world to have had their bloodline and breeding program authenticated by, and have received the personal approval of Dr. Paolo Breber. This is one of the most prestigious honors a Cane Corso breeder could ever achieve. All Cane Corsos are not created equal. Find out more about the Outlaw difference.


Who is Dr. Breber and what does he say about the Outlaw bloodline and breeding program?

To say that without the work of Dr. Paolo Breber (biologist) the Cane Corso breed would now be extinct and you would have had no idea of what a Cane Corso was, would not be far from the truth.  Dr. Breber is considered the worlds leading authority on the Cane Corso and is directly responsible for the recovery of this legendary breed from Italy!  He has dedicated decades of his life’s work to this breed and it’s recovery. His work is well documented and published.  He is an advocate of keeping this breed true to its origins and keeping the traits that made it so famous to begin with. There is no greater authority on the “True” Cane Corso on the planet. It’s as simple as that.

Dr. Breber (located in Italy) having discovered the Outlaw bloodline and after reviewing our breeding program, website and videos had the following unsolicited comments to make about us as a Cane Corso breeder!


“Your dogs, judging by your videos, are the perfect old-time cane corso, they even have the famous “fire” in their eyes! The result I hoped for when I started.” …. Paolo Breber


“Excellent, excellent! In every possible way!”…. Paolo Breber


“Absolutely the authentic article!!!”… Paolo Breber


“Anyway, judging from the dogs on your website you do have the true thing, not just in looks but in temperament as well; there’s nothing to add or subtract. Actually, you have more than you realize. Most of your dogs have that golden-orange colour in their eyes; all the old sources always say that the CC has “fire” in his eyes!


“I don’t know of if you knew what you were doing or you were just lucky but you certainly have the real article. What I keep repeating is make the CC work in one or the other jobs he was born for. I consider the CC a cultural heritage and a work of art.


Cane Corso breeder


There seems to be a very large demand for the “True” Cane Corso in the United States, but there is a lot of confusion concerning this breed and what’s considered correct for a “True” Cane Corso.  Many people here researching the Cane Corso for the first time go by what they hear on YouTube and information put out on Facebook pages etc. Most often these are promoted by “novice” breeders and enthusiasts. There are even a couple of Americans who somehow wish to take credit for this breed. These are not the places to find out the truth about this breed. Also according to Dr. Breber the American “watered down” show ring version of the Cane Corso while arguably “pretty” are not considered “True” Cane Corsos. (Click here to find out why!)


Dr. Breber now has one of his older books about the Cane Corso translated to English and can be purchased in e-book format (for a very minimal price). If you wish to know the truth about this very old traditional breed and its correct history I strongly recommend this book! He addresses many things that will contradict what is currently believed here in the United States, such as the correct history of the Cane Corso, what a True Corso looks like (including correct bite) and the correct temperament. Find out why this breed is a legendary dog!

The book’s code number is 9788890998201
The Catch-and-Hold Dog in Italy (il Cane da Corso) by Paolo Breber

You may have to translate the bookstore website into English. The book is the English translated version.

We are located in Heflin, Louisiana (close to the Texas and Arkansas state lines). Check out our Puppies for sale page!



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” I recently noticed that we are now consistently ranking #1 on google under Cane Corso breeders here in the United States. This is largely due to the overwhelming response to the content of this website. I personally think an even better benchmark of a good breeder is when people come back for their 2nd or 3rd puppy! Therefore we wanted to stop and say THANKS!”….Mike & Laura




casne corso breeders

Video of Outlaw’s Jacks

Video of Jacks working the “out”

In today’s uncertain times many people appreciate the added safety a Traditional Cane Corso can provide to their families and loved ones.




cane corso breeders

Outlaw Cane Corso stops potential invasion of Law Enforcement Officers home while protecting her family.

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Cane Corso breeder


Cane Corso Breeder

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