Outlaw's Perfect Storm "Roman"

Breeder and pround owner of Outlaw’s Perfect Storm “Roman” ICCF & A.K.C. Temperament Tested.  Pictured at only 14 mo. old and already an X-Large 120 lbs. Roman is a very deep colored Solid Steel Blue Male with a Huge Head and Chest combined with great lines! Roman’s OUTSTANDING TEMPERAMENT  make this dog what a Cane Corso is supposed to be!

These are just of couple of the Dogs Of Merit that make up our bloodlines. Including none other than CH. Rocco The #1 producing Cane Corso Stud dog of all time!  CH. Rocco’s bloodline has produced more Champion dogs than any other bloodline EVER!  Every dog in our bloodline can be directly traced back to the very first documented Cane Corsos from Old World Italy. These dogs were the Legendary Rustic Guardian type Cane Corsos.


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Welcome to OUTLAW KENNEL.  We are located in the Bossier City area of Louisiana (close to  Texas and Arkansas state lines) . We only breed for the Traditional Guardian Cane Corso type. While there are some wonderful past time events like conformation shows, dock jumping events and lure coursing competitions, We choose to concentrate all of our breeding efforts into the preservation and enhancement of the breed characteristics that gave the Cane Corso its LEGENDARY status as a guardian. These temperament traits include things like courage, loyalty, intelligence and stability.  We accomplish this by using one the most extensive Guardian Cane Corso specific temperament testing programs anywhere. When combined with some of the more advanced line breeding techniques it produces a dog of the true traditional type and beauty.  There are some owners and breeders who use words like “correct” or “good” temperament incorrectly.  We would like to show you how we stand apart.






Champion Bloodlines , A.K.C. & ICCF Registered litters , All puppies sold are FULLY HEALTH TESTED by a licensed veterinarian and come with complete shot records and certificate of health. 


Outlaw Kennels foundation stud dog “DIESEL” @ 7 years old , DIESEL is a gr gr grandson of CH. ROCCO. Thanks to carefull line breeding CH. ROCCO appears 9 times in his 7 gen. pedigree. DIESEL is proven producer of some outstanding dogs including Outlaw’s Perfect Storm “Roman”


All of our puppies come with full breeding rights (except in case of a fault) .  We do not charge any extra fees for anyone who may want to breed at a later date.  We also require no show contracts or co-ownerships for what we consider our higher quality puppies.

Financing available through Pay Pal see link at bottom of page.

Congratulations to  OUTLAW’S I’M NO JOKE and Jenice Brown (owner/handler) for their wins at the 2015  A.K.C. Texarkana dog show. They overwhelmed the competition placing 1st in the Cane Corso group, Best of Breed and 3rd  place in the working group ! All of this done as a puppy !  Although we DO NOT breed specifically for show dogs its nice that our dogs do so well in some of the past time events.  OUTLAW’S I’M NO JOKE is off of Outlaw’s kennel DIESEL and BELLA he is a littermate brother to OUTLAW’S PERFECT STORM.


The United States is one of the few countries still standing whose citizens have the right to bear arms.  However each day the people of the United States are threatened by gun control advocacy.  With the possibility of new gun control laws being enacted we need to have other methods for home and self defense to help keep our  family safe .  Luckily no state has laws banning a dog from protection of self or property .  The Traditional Cane Corso has proudly fulfilled  this role in other parts of the world for centuries .

***   WARNING   ***

 Not all modern Cane Corsos will protect your home and family.




The oldest Cane Corso registry in the world and the most complete stud book in the United States .