Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1 : How do I purchase a puppy?

Answer :  We use an e-mail list to notify interested parties when a litter is available. We will send out e-mails a few times throughout the pregnancy.  These people are contacted first when we start taking deposits ( which is usually shortly after birth).  Only after the people on the “List” have been given an opportunity to secure a puppy will we start taking deposits from the general public. (our litters usually sell within the first 24hrs.)  Asking to be put on the notification list does not place you under any obligation.

If you wish to be placed on the list send us a valid e-mail and phone #.  We will contact you back, confirming you are on the mailing list.

When puppies arrive we update the website and face book weekly with down loadable pics or video’s so you can watch as the litter grows!

Also be sure to follow us on face book  to stay up to date year round,  I tend to post there a lot more often with more of the daily activities and general pics.   Also on Instagram   #outlaw_canecorso




For any further questions feel free to contact us!

Question 2 : Do you use the OFA to test for hip dysplasia  

Answer : No not at this time. The OFA testing procedure uses current hip x-rays in combination with the genetic history of that bloodline to determine if a dog would make good breeding stock. A lot of breeders and dog owners in general are unaware of exactly how the OFA procedure is supposed to work. The x-ray by itself is not a accurate indication of whether a dog will have hip dysplasia or if he or she will produce offspring that will have hip dysplasia. Please let me explain. It is very possible for a dog to have a good OFA score but be a very poor breeding candidate , at the same time a dog with a fair OFA x-ray and good genetic history could be an excellent candidate.

Without the genetic history of the bloodline you will not have accurate results. This means that you need the OFA scores of the parents grand parents and all of the litter mates within that bloodline before you could make an accurate determination for the breeding stock in question. At this time I am unable to find any such database within the Cane Corso breed.

If a breeder uses the OFA scoring system but only has testing scores for their current breeding stock, they may be leaving the puppy buyer with a very false sense of security.

I don’t know of any Cane Corso breeders who are able to implement the entire correct testing procedure at this time. If in the future I am able to find a suitable Cane Corso database showing complete OFA scores I will start using this tool but right now  I don’t believe I can get accurate determinations for my breeding stock.

Please refer to the following infomation on the subject directly from www.offa.org

We use asymptomatic breeding stock coupled with advanced line breeding techniques along with the longest hip dysplasia guarantee we are aware of. 

Every responsible breeder should strive for healthy disease a free bloodline !  Advanced line breeding techniques are a scientifically proven ,  time tested effective method that can help achieve these goals!