“Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home. Unfortunately, in todays society it has become increasingly more difficult to feel safe anywhere we go. Thankfully, we are blessed to be protected by the men and woman who put their lives on the line so that we may feel safe and protected in our everyday lives. I am fortunate to be with a man who makes this sacrifice daily. With him being a LEO, the hours are not the most convenient, and for the first couple years at the bottom of the seniority list the midnight shift is what we deal with. With that being said, I was home alone for 12 hours at a time in the house, not an entirely comfortable position for me. So we decided to get a dog, a dog that would be a guardian, but also a family pet. Being a veterinary technician I see hundreds of dog breeds, but the Cane Corso really stuck out. After months of searching we decided on Outlaw Cane Corso. We haven’t regretted it a single day since. When my human protector can’t be around, my K9 protecter, Enyo, steps in.

     Late one evening I was sitting on the couch working on my laptop with Enyo laying at my side. I was expecting my roommate to be home soon, so I left the front door unlocked. When the front door opened, Enyo leaped off of the couch and when she turned the corner she began barking and I instantly knew something was off. The front door slammed quickly afterwards. I thought at first she was barking at my roommate which was very unusual, so I got up off the couch and walked towards the door. This is when I realized that my roommate had not come home. Whoever opened our front door, whether it was a complete mistake or potential burglary, was deterred by our Enyo running full speed at them! I opened the door and Enyo ran out of the house full speed at something, only to return moments later when the area was clear. I was still trying to process the situation at hand and my dog had already made the environment safe until law enforcement arrived. She made the conscious decision to protect me and the property without running off. The instinctive drive and temperament in these Outlaw dogs are priceless. I am so very thankful for Enyo and her protective, loving instincts. I can say in full confidence that when the thin blue line is crossed I will be protected.”

Kaitlyn xxxxxxx

Outlaw’s ENYO


     “Working as a LEO,  I take security as my number one priority. We can deal with the worst of the worst in society and it is nothing new to be threatened or your family to be threatened on a daily basis. I am not a K9 handler, but I have spent hundreds of hours training with them as that is where I want to be next in my career. This being said, I am not brand new to dominant dogs, nor training animals. The security of my family takes precedent over any property, so the Cane Corso was the perfect mix of security , guardian and companion. We went to Outlaw to get our Enyo and she has been everything and more. (“Enyo” was the minor Greek Goddess of War, under Athena… this is where we got the name) She is not only a loving, stable, social, athlete but also has a very protective  alertness  with a stout guardian side. She reads situations as they happen and is yet to make a mistake. The protective gene comes out in certain situations when necessary but she has never shown any type of rogue aggression. She has protected my family once already and she wasn’t even a year old with fearless courage. She does not hesitate to show it if she feels the need arises. I couldn’t be happier with her temperament as she is our best friend, protector, and pride (especially out in public). These dogs have such a protective, understanding, and courageous temperament that my only complaint is that I want another. She is our once in a lifetime dog and we are so happy with her that we are about to purchase our second Outlaw Cane Corso.
       If you would like to follow Enyo or ask ANY questions regarding OCC or Corso’s in general follow @Enyothecorso on Instagram. Mike and Laura at Outlaw genuinely care for their dogs.  It’s the quality of the temperament and athleticism that is hard to match.”
                     Ofc. Cody xxxxxxxxx


     “Ofc. Cody xxxxxxxxx has the opportunity to work around and observe some fine high prey drive/agitation trained working dogs in the course of his day.  He also recognizes the benefits and differences of the high protection/defense drive (natural guardian) dogs in the home environment. (See protection dog page for the differences).  While both types of dogs can be true man stoppers, they do have distinct differences.
Outlaw’s Enyo displayed the proper temperament traits for a natural Guardian/Man stopper.  She was quick to alert to potential danger. She was quick to engage potential conflict. She determined the proper amount of aggression needed to protect her family.  After she stopped the threat she immediately returned to her family’s side showing a great since of responsibility!  She also shows a high level of intelligence and stability on a daily basis .  Enyo reacts like this due to inherent temperament traits .  She has been properly socialized and has had some general obedience work but has NO ADVANCED PROTECTION work done.  These are her natural instincts that have been bred into her!
As a breeder I can say that these traits must be properly bred for, if not they will be lost.  This has been done time and time again with guardian breeds that have come to the United States and have been in properly bred .  The working ability should always come first in working breeds!”

Outlaw Kennel



Update: Cody & Kaitlyn now own their 2nd! Outlaw Cane Corso. This is Outlaw’s Onyx @ 8 weeks old.  Onyx was genetically chosen to potentially pair up with Outlaw’s Enyo one day!