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OUTLAW KENNEL Guestbook — 90 Comments

  1. Enjoyed all the wonderful information and history. All of your dogs are beautiful!
    Can’t wait to meet our new family member.

  2. Very informative site. I’ve searched the state of louisiana looking for a reputable breeder & I think I’ve found it !
    I would like to visit soon .

  3. you have some nice looking pup. really the information was really good. will be back again.

  4. What a dedicated breeder to the breed ..lookforward to showing my third pup TiTAN in the ring. All three of my pups are great dogs. With wonderful personalitys . Couldn’t ask for a better blood line ..they are truely working and akc show quality dogs ..and enjoyed my time with you’re family God bless

  5. The absolute BEST breeder to acquire your Cane Corso from. My boy puppy is thick, healthy and very very playful. I had a wonderful time through the whole process. They posted videos and pictures weekly and called me every step of the way. Their doors and phones were always open and they allowed me to stop in and check on “Beau” whenever I wanted to see him. They provided me with training information, veterinarian info and registration policies. The bloodline is the best hand downs. Their knowledge of Cane Corsos are unsurpassed. Thank you Outlaw Kennels for a WONDERFUL addition to our family.

  6. Thank you for helping us find a another family member. He fits in so well and our one year old and him are best friend’s! Outlaw Kennel is the best thanks.

  7. Thanks for allowing us to come and visit your kennels. You have some beautiful, healthy dogs. This is definitely a labor of love. Keep up the great work.

  8. Def my next dog. Love them. Your site is wonderful. Thank you for the helpful info.

  9. We love our new puppy Nero. He is playful, smart and adorable all rolled into one bundle of joy. Outlaw Kennels is the best.

  10. Thanks so much for providing an easy and enjoyable experience. We love our new girl puppy. She is good with my children and makes an excellent addition to the family. Thanks again.

  11. Amazing puppies. If u want a guard dog then outlaw kennels is the place to go. Kane is 7 1/2 weeks old and growls when a door opens. My family protector in the making. Thanks outlaw kennels. Looking forward to getting another guardian from u guys

  12. Loving the newest member of our Fam, Athena!
    Thank you guys so much for making my daughter the happiest little girl on the planet!

  13. Thank you Laura & Mike for the addition to our family … He’s the perfect fit.. We also wanna say an extra thank you for all the leg work you did. We love our Titus and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. Outlaw Kennel all the way!!!!!

  14. We have had such a great experience with outlaw. From the very start they were amazing about keeping us updated on the puppies and answering any questions we had. We have had Dante one of Texas and Diesels babies for a week and a half and he has fallen right into place with out family. Outlaw has continued to answer any questions we have. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience in finding the newest member of our family. Thank you Outlaw for all you have done for us.

  15. We LOVE our new puppy! Thank you, Laura and Mike, for patiently answering all of our questions and being so easy to work with! Winter is the cutest, sweetest, smartest puppy ever, and yes, people do stop us everywhere we go to comment on how beautiful she is! We love our Outlaw Cane Corso!

  16. I waited for a long time to get my Cane Corso. Mike and Laura taught me so much through their great website and in their home. They truly are professionals who really care about their dogs and in producing the very best qualities in this breed. They socialize all the puppies in their home and with their own children. I was able to go to their home and pet the puppies, get pictures and pick out my beautiful black/brindle female. Her name is Bear. She is 11 weeks old now and is 20 pounds. I highly recommend Outlaw Kennels to anyone who wants a really top quality Cane Corso. I read all the positive comments from their website. I agree with all that has been written. Many people are already putting deposits down for another Corso from Outlaw Kennels. I am another very pleased and satisfied customer!!

  17. Our anxiety is through the roof. We can’t wait for this litter to come. NC to LA bound to pick up our new addition”Thor”

  18. I’ve been searching for a corso for months now. Mike and Laura were beyond helpful! They are very friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all of our questions, and I know they won’t hesitate to help if needed in the future. Our new baby Vito is gorgeous, as are all of their dogs. I would recommend Outlaw Kennel to anyone in the market for a beautiful Cane Corso. Thanks again guys!!

  19. love your ideals.. and the FAQ part of your site is outstanding.. and some very great looking CC

  20. Thank you Laura and Mike for the new addition to our family! Our girl Sephora is already a force to be reckoned with. She is so beautiful and has a great personality, we’ve gotten so many compliments on her. A big thanks to Laura for putting up with all my questions before and after we brought her home. I’m looking forward to another Outlaw Cane Corso in the future. ~ Cindy

  21. We just bought a puppy and we could not be more satisfied, impressed, and pleased! These people are very professional and it’s obvious they are passionate about producing quality dogs! I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing a Cane Corso! Their dogs are gorgeous and smart! Thank you again Outlaw Kennels!

  22. I can not brag enough how great an experience I had buying a puppy from Mike and Laura at Outlaw Cane Corso!! Truly great people! Through our whole experience they were extremely accommodating and always emailed me back with answers or info! They are very knowledgeable about breeding and the Cane Corso’s! They have a very nice facility and welcomed us into their home like they had known us forever. I talked to several breeders before choosing Outlaw mainly because of their knowledge and willingness to help in every way they could not to mention the great quality of puppies they are raising! I would give them a double five star rating if I could!!!! Thanks again Mike and Laura!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  23. So happy with our new pup Thor. He is making himself right at home. Thank you so much Outlaw Cane Corso!! We will send you pictures soon.

  24. At 9 weeks, Bruno is already showing his protective qualities. Anyone entering into his new residence has to hear the little man growl and bark until he acknowledges our acceptance of the visitor. My wife and daughter simply adores Bruno and would not trade him for the world. When I purchase another puppy, it will be from Mike and Laura (@ Outlaw Cane Corso).

  25. Very informative site. I really liked your “About Us” section.
    We’re currently in the process of buying a house and will be looking
    to buy our Cane Corso afterwards.

  26. Great pedigree in their bloodline! I know a Cane Corso when I see one and I’m very impressed by the quality of the dogs and bitches posted on the website. There are “NO” visual hints of boxer, bandog or other breeds in the pictures posted, which is very noticeable in other kennels. I’m looking forward to possibly getting a dog from them sooner rather than later.

  27. If you question them in anyway, feel free to message me and I will answer the most honest I can. They are simply one of the best. Mike and Laura care for every dog as their own and have the greatest and utmost respect for the breed and the standard. Temperament is their main goal and I can’t say it enough what an amazing product they achieve, our Corso is our best friend and we are going back for a second. After months of looking I finally decided and have never had a regret. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, first hand experience is 11/10.

  28. The information on this site is incredible and so helpful to anyone. It is changing the way I perceive others, giving me confidence and gives me more meaning with all human interaction. Also, there is information on here for lifetimes with different and interesting topics/subject that all intertwine and support each other.

  29. I am so glad to have found this site. I’m on the list and have a long wait ahead, but it is going to be so worth it. This site shows some beautiful dogs and is so informative. So excited and just can’t wait to get my new family member.

  30. Great website ,a lot of knowledge. Thank you, cant wait till my turn on the list for my new family member.

  31. iv’e been looking up info on cane corso dogs,and breeders so far your kennel has impressed me the most i’m not quite ready for a dog in my life yet but when I am i’ll definitely give you guys a call thank you for your informational site and incites on your dogs.

  32. This is the best site that I’ve seen on the Cane Corso. I love how passionate you are about the breed and training them on what they are meant to be. I’ve been following the Cane Corso since the early 90’s when then they were known accepted into the akc. I’m finally in s position to get ready to get one or two of my own in the very near future. I’m just trying to decide the color I love the black and the blue. You’ll hear from me soon.

  33. Hello;

    I have been looking at numerous websites regarding k9’s and this site has informed and provided more substantial information regarding the breed and exactly what type of dogs are bred at your facility. I have owned German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Bluenose Pit Bulls but never this breed and your site clarified a lot. The size and structure of Cane Corso’s provide an interesting dynamic for what I would like as a home and personal protection k9. It also appears your dogs are not overly priced like I have seen many others on breeders websites, some costing more than a mid-sized vehicle. I hope we can stay in touch and i can touch base to see what is available when I am ready to purchase. The one question I have is training available or is that something I must obtain myself? The reason I ask is because I seen a trainer doing sleeve and bite work on the site.

    Thanks, for your time.

  34. Thank you for the great comments! I’m sorry but advanced training would be your responsibility, we do not offer public training at this time. You would need to work with a trainer in your local area.

  35. Hey , want to take the time out and express what a wonderful experience I had purchasing my pup from Mike and Laura at Outlaw Kennels. They are very knowledgeable about the breed and very passionate about their work. Their Dogs are remarkable and are true definitions of what the breed should look like. They are very patient and welcome to all and any questions you may have. I am definitely getting another one from them and recommend anyone looking for a purebred traditional corso, Mike and Laura are the ones you want to get your pup from.

  36. Beautiful dogs, and it’s heartening to know that there are still people who appreciate the breed for what it is, rather than what they might turn it into. I have owned Corsos since 1994, and can’t imagine my life without them, though it’s getting harder and harder to find breeders who remain true to the basic characteristics of the breed, and know what they are doing.

  37. I think I have found where I would like to buy my next puppy from!!!! Love your site I will be in contact.

  38. beautiful dogs. Look the same as when i was young . They were commen here in the Netherlands. it is good that ther are breeders like you
    Nice website. good information about the corso

  39. Spot on website! I really appreciate all the information and photos. Been researching the breed for a few years now. Thank you.

  40. Great site with great information. You’re one of the only sites I’ve seen that specifically talks about temperament, and breeding for it.

  41. Hi my name is Rachel, I am researching Corso breeders to purchase a puppy later this year. Im interested in scheduling a visit to your kennel to see your dogs in person. They are beautiful and good representations of the Corso breed. I will be in touch in the next few months!

  42. Every time I look at your website, my feelings of where I’d like to get my Foundation male for my coming breeding program, is strengthened even more. I had hoped to get a male puppy this summer, but it looks like it will have to wait. I was lucky when I found my female, but every day I see her reminds me that I made the right decision. A lot of the Corsos I’ve seen locally have no bone. The females are small, though very athletic, but they aren’t the way I thought they were supposed to look, if you read the standard. I’ve seen dogs that people said were large, and then found they were severely overweight. Your dogs show that their bone structure is great, and just by their looks, you can tell they are very athletic. I bought my female because nobody wanted her because she was the runt. From years of breeding I learned that most of the time this did not effect their adult growth. I checked the puppy and she was put together very well, and within a month of her joining the family, being wormed again, and putting her on a quality food, she had caught up to her littermates, and even surpassed some of them. Now she’s 10 months old and I feel she’s a credit to the Breed. Once I am able to be purchase one of your male puppies, I feel I’ll be on my way to show people what Cane Corsos are supposed to look like and be. Your dogs are beautiful, with the temperament , and personality that is what I’m looking for.

  43. Pete and and I wanted to thank Mike, Laura, and their family for making our experience getting our Ranger such a positive one. Outlaw Kennels is simply the best. We feel like we have made life long friends and will most assuredly be back for another one their Cane Corsos. We highly recommend Outlaw Kennels to anyone looking for a true guardian.

  44. Hello! I spoken with you on Instagram about how beautiful your dogs are. I love the thickness the small bill and just their overall look of your torsos! I would love to purchase a black one or a gray one it really doesn’t matter because all of yours are beautiful!

  45. very impressed with your dogs very beautiful and would like to find out more on purchasing one

  46. I appreciate what you are doing with this breed by bringing out its full capabilities as a companion and true guardian. I am wanting to purchase 2 Male puppies soon for my family and estate and will be contacting you soon!! Thank you

  47. Wow, wow, and WOW! I’ve been looking for the Cane Corso I knew from my younger years. Beautiful animals.

  48. Great breed, and gorgeous Corsos! I’am a Vietnam Vet starting in 1966 as a US Marine. I have been working in medicine since 1973,as a clinical perfusionist for 18 of those past yrs. Now working towards retirement in our lab within the OR. Wondering if your Natural Guardian dogs would do well as a Therapy dog. I live in Lubbock, Tx. for about 40 yrs., and have been to Bossier City before. Your help will be much appreciated!

  49. Thank you for your service! Please see the page about temperament. While the natural guardian tends to make a very loyal loving family member. It would not be my first choice as a working therapy dog.

  50. I am really looking forward to having one of these babies for my family. The breed is so beautiful.

  51. I love the look of your dog’s and a lot of the old blood it shows. Keep up the good work ,i would love to get a female to cross in with my male. Hard to find quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. From Irongates Kennels.

  52. Amazing Corsos!! We just bought our first, very excited, amazing dogs. I ran across your page and just wanted to add to my network for knowledge on the breed as time goes on, who knows, if the wife lets me have another, I will be giving you some business.

  53. Absolutely love the looks of Roman, Bear & Texas. Such Gorgeous dogs! Your site is very informative & I really like the reasoning behind why you have chosen your bloodlines.

  54. I wish I would have knew about outlaw Kennel before we bought ours . Wouldn’t have had to drive as far to get one . Lol ! We have a black brindle male that is 4 months old and love him ! We have decided that we also need a gray female. After he gets a little older. We really want to come look around and talk to you about this . Thanks.

  55. I can’t wait to get a puppy from Outlaw Cane Corso. I have been researching breeders and this is by far the best breeder to get ur puppy from. Most breeders are only after the money but Outlaw is after keeping the breed pure.

  56. great information. I follow you on Instagram and can not wait for an opportunity to visit your kennel.

  57. I saw a photo of one of your dogs on Pinterest. Beautiful dogs, Thank you for your service to our Country in our military.

  58. Ive been researching this breed and stumbled upon your website. Thank you for all the information about the breed and your bloodline. And i also want to thank you for your services in the military. Without our soldiers, we wouldnt have our freedom! God bless you and your family, and maybe one day ill be able to add one of your pups to my family!

  59. I am a veteran and I have been researching this breed for over a year now. From books to videos and even visiting some kennels. I came across your website and knew right away this is were I will find my new family member and therapy dog to help with my challenges. Can’t wait to start the process!

  60. Thank you for your service! I will be glad to help anyway possible.

  61. as a working mastiff enthusiast, I’ve been searching for a breeder of true traditional Cane Corso(as well as a Neo breeder) here in the states needless to say I’ve found where my next pup is coming from (will be calling you guys later today) just from your pics I can see you breed for functionality as your dogs actually have a muzzle that’s longer than an inch and the necks on your dogs are thick and well muscled without being exaggerated and silly looking (essential for allowing the animal to continue on after receiving blows to the head- just as they expected to do in combat) both are trait of working corsi.

  62. Just wanted to say I spoke to Mike today and I couldn’t be more excited to deal with him in the near future, I’ve been looking for “a true old line” cane corso here the states for some time now and have had very little success, I’ve spoken to many breeders who were very quick to bash other breeders while telling me how they breed “real cane corsi” ( meanwhile their dogs look like big boxers lol) but not mike he didn’t bash one other breeder NOT ONE, I even tried baiting him by mentioning other breeders by name he didn’t go for it. In other words mike is a real professional. He was more than happy to “talk dogs” and answer my questions which was great but most of all Outlaw Kennels is breeding classic type working Cane Corso just as advertised can’t wait to get our pups. Thanks again Mike.

  63. We welcomed Outlaws Queen Cleopatra “Cleo” to our family! Our trip to Outlaws Kennel was amazing! They have a wonderful set up with each beautiful dog well taken care of. You can really see the love that Mike and Laura have for this breed. Our puppy was sent home with all of her paperwork, a blanket rubbed on Cleo’s mom for scent, puppy toy and pup food for the trip home.
    To be just a puppy, Cleo already displays her guardian instincts, is VERY alert and loves to play with the kids. I’ve taken her for short walks up and down the block with absolutely no issues and she’s already mastered the stairs (up & down) on her own! She sleeps in her kennel by our bed at night with no whining unless it’s potty time! Her vet check came back with a clean bill of health and she’s gaining weight daily! We love her and hope to add another beautiful Outlaw pup later! Thank you Mike and Laura!! Well worth the wait!!

  64. Since I found your website , largely due to proximity as I am also in Louisiana I have been researching the breed enthusiastically. You have some great looking dogs. Especially the studs. I’m looking forward to purchasing a puppy. I’m waiting on finances and the combination of parents to coincide. Again I appreciate your breeding techniques… they have produced some traditional looking dogs. A shame Roman hasn’t been successful recently as a Sire. He’s a horse.

  65. What beautiful dogs! Our sweet pup was a champ on her 500 mile journey home. Our small children are completely smitten by her and she loves their constant attention.

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