This is a very exciting time for breeders! Genetic dna health testing is almost ready for successful use.

We will hopefully have an accurate form of this technology available to breeders to help with our breeding programs very soon! Accurate Genetic DNA testing for health is projected to be an available tool for breeding programs within the next couple of years (hopefully). This is according to the AKC and Geneticist Dr. Karlsson. As breeders we are very excited about the advancements of modern DNA testing and the possibilities that this may one day provide us.

In a recent interview with the AKC . Geneticists Dr. Karlsson Discussed a few of these benefits.

While all of this is very exciting there’s also a lot of misinformation about this technology that has become available. Many hobby breeders are currently using what’s now available from certain testing companies which are using inaccurate forms of this technology. It seems the primary goals of some companies are only profit oriented.

The fact is that genetic health testing in animals is a very promising newer field but it’s technology is years behind that of humans. While it is available by some companies it’s accuracy is simply not acceptable at this point . This technology has even led to the needless killing of some dogs.

Below is an article on the subject directly from the AKC in which they are interviewing Geneticist Dr. Elinor Karlsson. Dr. Karlsson is one of the geneticist whom is directly working on this newer technology for dogs. She points out that…

1. That while this is a promising field that the current technology should not be used by these testing companies at this point in time.
2. She is also kind of shocked that companies would advertise these claims.
3. She also discusses the needless destruction of dogs due to inaccuracies of the current technology.

If and when this technology is proven for dogs we will be the first ones on board to implement it. Until that time we will continue to use the much more time tested and proven methods that most professional breeders are fully aware of which is genetic manipulation via the selective breeding process. At this point in time it’s still the most time tested proven method available.

BE AWARE OF HOBBY BREEDERS CURRENTLY USING THIS TECHNOLOGY CLAIMING TO HAVE HEALTHIER PUPPIES. The fact is they will not, according to world renowned Cane Corso expert Dr. Paolo Breber, the modern Cane Corso is not nearly as healthy as the earlier more traditional examples of the breed. This article may show some of the reasons why.

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What Can Dog DNA Tests Tell You About Your Dog’s Health?