This puppy Contract is between Outlaw Cane Corso LLC  (“Outlaw Cane Corso” or “Seller”)  and
print  name___________________________________sign name_____________________________________, (“Buyer”).
Date __________________________
The parties agree to the following promises, terms, and conditions:
  1. Condition of Puppy at Time of Arrival:  Each Puppy will:
    a.  be provided in good health at the time of transfer, with shots and worming up to date.
    b.  have its tail docked and rear dewclaws removed.
    Buyer’s puppy will carry the Outlaw’s name along with the name selected by Buyer fully listed on the pup’s registration papers.
  2. Buyers Vet Exam and Duty of Future Care:  Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed vet within three (3) business days of taking possession of the puppy to verify the puppy’s good health upon arrival and to facilitate buyer’s provision of regular and proper care going forward.  Buyer agrees to supply ongoing care including all necessary immunizations and heartworm protection.
    Outlaw Cane Corso LLC is not responsible for any illness or disease a puppy may contract after three (3) business days following the puppy’s transfer, and Buyer specifically releases and holds Outlaw Cane Corso LLC harmless from the same.
  3. Outlaw Cane Corso’s Puppy Return/Replacement Policy:
    In order to qualify, Buyer must have had the pup examined by a licensed veterinarian within three (3) business days of taking possession and have written verification of the visit.  If a serious health issue is diagnosed at that first examination, Outlaw Cane Corso will—upon its own vet’s concurrence in the diagnosis— accept the return of the pup and provide a replacement.
    Outlaw Cane Corso will accept the return, and will replace, any puppy that encounters moderate to severe hip dysplasia (HD) during the 26 months following transfer to Buyer, and Buyer specifically releases and holds Outlaw Cane Corso harmless from any such condition that arises after that time.  In the event that Buyer believes her/his dog has HD,  Buyer must notify Outlaw Cane Corso via an official report from Penn HIP or OFA, prior to the dog reaching twenty-six (26) months of age.  Subsequent examination/verification and concurrence will be provided by Outlaw Cane Corso’s veterinarian of choice.
Housing your pup in a crate for extended periods of time without proper exercise will void the Outlaw Cane Corso HD guarantee as proper exercise is vital for usual growth and development.  An overweight puppy will also void the HD guarantee.  Note: Cherry Eye, Entropian and Ectropion are common conditions with all Mollosser breeds and are not covered by our return policy.
Prior to returning and replacing any Outlaw Cane Corso pup, Buyer must (1) supply written verification that said pup has been spayed/neutered, and (2) provide the puppy’s original registration papers.
A comparable replacement puppy will be offered as soon as feasible and when upcoming litters permit.  Buyer will be responsible for shipping charges for the new puppy if shipping is required.
Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Outlaw Cane Corso’s replacement policy may only be exercised once on the original puppy purchase.  Cash refunds are not available, and Outlaw Cane Corso is not responsible for veterinary bills or expenses related to care, even in the event the dog is returned for replacement.
Buyer agrees that Outlaw Cane Corso shall have first option (right of first refusal) if finding a new home is necessary in the event the Buyer is unable to keep dog.
  1. Temperament and Training: We at Outlaw Cane Corso have used our best efforts to produce reliable, stable-minded puppies, both in terms breeding and early socialization.  It is Buyer’s responsibility to continue this process by taking the puppy to kindergarten and obedience training in the first year.  This will help develop your puppy’s confidence, social skills and manners.
    Outlaw Cane Corso makes no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the demeanor or temperament of any dog from its litters.  Indeed, desirable temperament may be altered for the worse due to an owner’s poor socialization and training of the puppy as it matures. Remember, your cute, cuddly puppy will soon grow into a large powerful dog and must be taught proper socialization and a sense of compliance and place within the family unit (pack).  Cane Corso’s that are raised without adequate socialization, training and discipline may end up difficult to control and exceedingly dominant.  Your responsibility begins immediately.
    Buyer releases and holds Outlaw Cane Corso and its owners harmless from any and all claims, demands or causes of action in connection with the puppy purchased relating to temperament or aggression, and agrees to indemnify Outlaw Cane Corso from any claims involving harm or injury.
    Buyer promises to use her/his best efforts to ensure the dog is not used for any illegal or improper activity (dog fighting, puppy mills, etc.) or permit breeding with dogs of a different breed, or to Cane Corso dogs of inferior quality.  We at Outlaw Kennel will be happy to assist you in finding a good mate for your Cane Corso.  We believe our dogs are of superior breeding and it is our desire that their offspring carry the same quality both in temperament and conformation.  Buyer agrees to responsibly place all offspring directly into good homes.
    The laws of the State of Missouri control this contract and the venue for any legal dispute in connection with this agreement or related to the transaction memorialized herein shall lie exclusively in Phelps County, Missouri.  If any provision herein is later found to be unenforceable it shall be severed from this contract and the remaining provisions shall remain in force and effect.  The prevailing party to any legal action is entitled to attorney’s fees and costs.
    All rights afforded the parties to this contract may not be assigned or transferred without the express written consent of Outlaw Cane Corso LLC.
This contract memorializes the entire agreement between Outlaw Cane Corso LLC and Buyer(s), and no other promises, representations or inducements have been offered.
We welcome you to the Outlaw Cane Corso family and congratulate you on the newest addition to yours!